SuperPro Volume Programming Solutions:
Model SuperPro 5004GP SuperPro 501S N-Cluster (²) SuperPro 9000U SuperPro 3000U N-Cluster (²)
Number of devices supported 53479 21911 41555 47838
Number of manufacturers supported 182 144 201 208
Number of Sockets 4 N-1 4 N-1
Number of pins available 144 48 48 48
Programming Speed 108 sec for 1Gb
NAND Flash
43.4sec for 64 Mb EEPROM
96.6sec for 64 Mb EEPROM

96.6sec for 64 Mb EEPROM
PC Interface USB 2.0 USB 2.0 USB USB
Stand-Alone Mode Yes () Yes () Yes () Yes ()
Free device updates via web Weekly () Weekly () Monthly Weekly ()
Memory slot for data storage Yes (Compact Flash Card) Yes (Compact Flash Card)

Yes (Compact Flash Card) Yes (Compact Flash Card)
Asynchronous mode Yes (³) Yes (³) Yes (³) Yes (³)
Number of socket adapters available 300+ 500+ 600+ 600+
RoHS and CE compliance Yes Yes Yes Yes
Price $6,295.00 $3,980.00 $3,695.00 $4,380.00
  1. Stand-alone operation:
    • Repeat programming and verification is performed without a PC attached. The programmer is completely self-contained with add-on memory (option), keyboard, and LCD display for volume production operation.
    • Does not require an operator who has to have knowledge of operating a PC thus saving on the cost of the operator.
    • Saves cost of a PC.
    • Data integrity is insured, as there is no chance that an operator may corrupt data in the PC.
    • Data security is insured, as the plug-in compact flash card may be removed and stored away at end of each day.
    • Seamless transition from engineering to production is ensured, as the project file is generated in engineering, downloaded onto a compact flash card and transferred to manufacturing.
    • Compact Flash card (512MB) needed for Stand-alone mode operation.
  2. Cluster programming:
    • Clustering of programmer provides for flexible and easy way for volume production programming. Several units work together in stand-alone mode to provide an environment for volume programming.
    • SuperPro 3000U Cluster is more flexible and expandable because the operator can start with one unit and add more units as the need arises.
    • There is less downtime because if one programmer fails the other units can continue to operate.
    • It has concurrent programming because each time the operator inserts a chip it begins to program it right away.
    • Supports 46,512 device and it is easy to update device upon customers request.
    • An operator can easily handle 10 or more programmers at the same time.
    • Saves the cost of a PC.
    • Compact Flash card (512MB) needed for Stand-alone mode operation.
  3. Asynchronous mode is where each socket operator independently of other sockets including programming and verification operation. This provides fast programming operation as well as the independence from other malfunctioning socket. It is essentially an independent programmer for each socket. Synchronous operation is performed when one programmer supports many sockets. Programming operation is slow and susceptible to interference from other malfunctioning socket.
  4. Xeltek updates new devices onto Superpro5000 and SuperPro 3000U regularly and also upon customer request. Device update is free of charge during the warranty period of the programmer purchased. Xeltek does not have free device update service on other programmers. If you are interested in the new device update service please purchase SuperPro5000 or SuperPro 3000U programmer.