SuperPro 5000 Universal Programmer Comparison:
Manufacturer Xeltek BP Micro BP Micro Conitec Data I/O
Model SuperPro 5000 1610 1410/240 Galep 5D-240 3980 XPI
Number of devices supported 70000+ (²) 25,000 23,000 22000+ 15000+
Stand-Alone Mode Yes () No No In developing No
RoHS and CE compliance Both     Both Both
Programming Speed 11.3sec for 64 Mb NOR Flash,
108 sec for 1Gb NAND Flash
194.4 sec for 512 Mb NAND Flash
(Samsung KFG1216U2A-DEB5)
  170 Sec. for 256 Mb
NOR Flash
Low Voltage Support 1.2 V (³) 1.5V 2.4V 1.3V 1.5v
Number of pins available 144 240 240 240 88
Memory slot for data storage Yes (Compact Flash Card) No No Yes ( SD Card) No (80 MB mass storage module)
Number of socket adapters available 300+ 2500 + 2500 + 87 500+
Free Device Request support Yes () Yes (they may charge for some programmers)

Yes (they may charge for some programmers) Yes Not Free
Device update Frequency Bi-weekly () 8 times per year 8 times per year   3 times per year
Price $1,995.00 $6,470.00 $4,170.00 $2,699.00  
  1. Stand-alone operation:
    • Repeat programming and verification is performed without a PC attached. The programmer is completely self-contained with add-on memory (option), keyboard, and LCD display for volume production operation..
    • Does not require an operator who has to have knowledge of operating a PC thus saving on the cost of the operator.
    • Saves cost of a PC.
    • Data integrity is insured, as there is no chance that an operator may corrupt data in the PC.
    • Data security is insured, as the plug-in compact flash card may be removed and stored away at end of each day.
    • Seamless transition from engineering to production is ensured, as the project file is generated in engineering, downloaded onto a compact flash card and transferred to manufacturing.
    • Compact Flash card (512MB) needed for Stand-alone mode operation.
  2. Programs devices with Vcc as low as 1.2V. Only SuperPro programmers are capable of programming devices between 1.2V to 1.5V; it is the lowest for the industry.
  3. Availability of large number of socket adapters enables more different package types to be supported. Xeltek makes substantial investment in the development and manufacturing of new socket adapters.
  4. Xeltek updates new devices onto current programmers regularly and also upon customer request on SP5000. Device update is free of charge during the warranty period of the programmer purchased. Xeltek does not have free user requested device update service on other programmers. If you are interested in the new device update service please purchase SuperPro5000 programmer.