SuperPro 500P Universal Programmer Comparison:
Manufacturer Xeltek Wellon (Weilei) Elnec (Dataman, BK Precision) BP Micro Leap Electronics Conitec Data I/O eetools Advantech
Model SuperPro 500P VP - 980 BeeProg+ (Also known as
BK Precision 866B and
1610 Leaper-48 Galep 5D-240 3980 XPI TopMAx II LabTool-48UXP
Number of devices supported 21911 38000 + 44,000+ 24,000 11000+ 34000+ 15000+ 16000+ 11000+
Stand-Alone Mode No No No (only concurrent
No No In developing No No (only concurrent programming) No
RoHS and CE compliance Both Both Ce only   RoHS only Both Both Ce only Ce only
Programming Speed
43.4 sec for 64 Mb Eeprom
99 sec for 128 Mbit
NAND Flash (K9F2808U0A)
57 sec. for 64Mb Flash
194.4 sec for 512 Mb NAND Flash
(Samsung KFG1216U2A-DEB5)
30 Sec. for 16 Mb
Flash memory
170 Sec. for 256 Mb
NOR Flash
  42 Sec for 64Mbit
Less than 2 Sec for
1 Mb Flash
Low Voltage Support 1.2V () 1.5V 1.8V 1.5V 2.5V 1.3V 1.5v 1.5V 1.8V
Number of pins available 48 48 48 240 48 240 88 48 48
Memory slot for data storage No No No No No Yes ( SD Card) No (80 MB mass storage module) No No
Number of socket adapters available 500+ (²) 19 600 + 2500 + 46 87 500+ 117 200+
Device update Frequency
Bi-weekly ()   Monthly Bi-weekly     3 times per year Bi-weekly Monthly
Price $995 $749 $1,095 $6,470 $465 $2,699   $995 $1295 or $ 995
  1. Programs devices with Vcc as low as 1.2V. Only SuperPro programmers are capable of programming devices between 1.2V to 1.5V; it is the lowest for the industry.
  2. Availability of large number of socket adapters enables more different package types to be supported. Xeltek makes substantial investment in the development and manufacturing of new socket adapters.
  3. Xeltek updates new devices onto Superpro5000 and SuperPro 3000U regularly and also upon customer request. Device update is free of charge during the warranty period of the programmer purchased. Xeltek does not have free device update service on other programmers. If you are interested in the new device update service please purchase SuperPro5000 or SuperPro 3000U programmer.